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Full-Time Students

The UVic definition of a full-time undergraduate student is someone who is registered 12 or more units of study in a Winter Session (September to April). For Summer Session (May to August), full-time status is enrolment in 6 or more units.

Registration in a Coop work term also constitutes full-time attendance.

Please note the following clarifications and exceptions:

  • To maintain scholarship eligibility you must be registered in a minimum of 12 academic units in two terms of study between May and April. If you are in a co-op work term, you must be registered in 6.0 academic units in one term and a co-op work term in another term between May and April.
  • For student loans, bus U-pass, and some Health and Insurance companies, full time is a 60% course load, which is 9 units for the Winter Session or 4.5 units for the Summer Session.
  • Canadian Inter-University Sports (CIS) require 9 units in a Winter Session, or 4.5 units in a term.
  • The maximum units of study allowed in a Winter Session is 18. Approval to take more than 18 units in a Winter Session must be obtained by the Dean of your Faculty.


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